Coaching & Consulting

Sometimes we need someone to listen to us, to guide us, or to just help give us fresh ideas and feedback from an outside perspective. I’m available to help in many different ways:

Student Ministry Coaching

I will take the time to meet with the student ministry pastors and leaders to help them deal with the daily struggle that is youth ministry. Coaching includes things like:

  • How to talk to, deal with, and minister to different kinds of parents
  • How to communicate effectively with your director, lead pastor, elders, etc.
  • How to set boundaries in ministry so you can survive at home
  • How to disciple and train up volunteers
  • How to work disciple and train up students to be leaders in your ministry

Ministry Consulting

There are times when we need help to diagnose problems or to triage so we can prioritize in ministry. Many times, we are so close to the problem (or are part of the problem) that we can’t clearly see what needs to happen. Consulting includes things like:

  • Observing ministries that may not be functioning well or are poorly led to help diagnose what problems need to be addressed
  • Conducting staff interviews and feedback sessions to help with internal problems that often plague ministries and churches. I always encourage this even if you think your staff and culture is perfectly healthy
  • Helping with best practices in hiring, corrective action, and succession planning
  • Identifying best practices to make sure ministry happens and is not hindered by poor organization or bad communication

If you’d like some help with coaching and/or consulting, please fill out the form below:



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