The Church I See

by Bret Nicholson

As mentioned before, I wanted to share with you the vision, the “I See,” that drives the Lead Pastor at One Life Church in Evansville, IN and Henderson, KY.

The Church I see fuels city transforming movements based on the convictions that Jesus is Lord over every aspect of human life and that darkness is overcome with light.

The Church I see is a place for those who feel far from God to search, to wonder, to ask questions and be greeted with listening ears, compassionate hearts, intelligent minds and Christ-centered answers.

The Church I see integrates the intellectual, the spiritual and the artful in a God- honoring, community-impacting way.

The Church I see is used by God and empowered by His Spirit to play a significant role in changing the worldview of the next generation.

The Church I see prays fervently, biblically and powerfully.  I see a church where God’s presence is experienced and God’s power is demonstrated.

The Church I see worships with such authenticity and passion, the cities where we plant experience renewal, refreshing and restoration because they are given a fresh experience of Jesus’ power, worth and love.

The Church I see produces new, artful songs of praise and worship, which break new ground in musical creativity, biblical reflection, artistic excellence and the experience of Jesus.

The Church I see is a leader and force to be reckoned with in art, innovation and creativity for the glory of God and for the flourishing of the community. I see a church of people whose contributions to film, music and other art forms are expressed with such undeniable depth, skill and progressive thinking the world cannot ignore them.

The Church I see is filled with people who live an authentic faith, where the highs and lows, the triumphs and trials of experiencing Jesus are discussed openly and honestly.

The Church I see develops productions specifically designed to make the case for the faith to the 21st Century mind.  I see a church that so beautifully and artfully and creatively communicates the truth of the good news that people travel to the Tri-State just to experience them.

The Church I see forms a people development culture and training system, which genuinely leads to ordinary people becoming extraordinary disciples.

The Church I see is devoted to planting new churches both within our network and outside of it because new churches are the single most effective way to reach people far from God.

The Church I see places high value on the least by moving beyond traditional expressions of charity towards genuinely raising the quality of life for the under-resourced.

The church I see is made up of hundreds, even thousands of teams who actively fulfill the mission of the church, care deeply for one another and help one another become growing disciples of Jesus.

The Church I see integrates global impact into the fabric of daily life.  I see a church actively involved in the most influential cities of the world and the least-reached countries of the world, because Jesus said to reach the nations.


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