Politics & Preachers

I’ve been to every Presidential Inauguration since 1996 and plan to go again in January of 2017…albeit somewhat reluctantly. I’m not going to say that politics doesn’t matter (I majored in Political Science) but this past year has led me to believe that our priorities in the church are largely MESSED UP!

Just this evening, I observed a well-respected pastor of a very large church in Dallas, TX get so animated about the virtues of one particular candidate that he could barely breathe. I’ll let you figure out which candidate he was speaking of.

I see this man on this station every other week. His title of “Evangelical Pastor” is highlighted on the screen with the name of his church in very large letters. If you didn’t know anything about church, pastors, or evangelicals, you would think that all of those words had something to do with politics. How incredibly sad.

I heard nothing tonight about the hope that only Jesus Christ can bring. Nothing about salvation by grace alone through faith. Nothing about bringing hope to the hopeless, food to the hungry, comfort to the widows, etc. After the interview…a tweet touting his interview along with a picture of him getting ready with the candidate by his side. Oh, his church was tagged too, forever linking the identity of this church to the politics of the candidate.

You may be able to tell that I am just a little upset! I will tell you that I am very conservative politically but very liberal when it comes to the spreading of the Gospel. I think that we, the body of Christ, are in deep trouble when we allow the content of our testimony to be the political views of one side or another. The content of our testimony should ALWAYS be the grace afforded to each individual by Jesus Christ alone. The content should ALWAYS include the change that we have seen in our lives as Christ has served as our Lord and Savior. I hope and pray that when someone Googles my name now, talks to a friend, or reads my obituary later, that they would find that I love God, believe that Jesus is the Christ and that my faith makes me who I am.


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