Ramblings About Leadership

All the talk today seems to be about leadership. We take leadership assessments, read books about leadership, and go to leadership conferences. There are so many different resources, books, blogs, conferences that ultimately say the same things. That’s good though. I’m sure you are like me. I’ve often heard the same thing over and over but it never really ‘took’ until I heard that one person, read that one book, or attended that one conference.

One thing that I notice through all of our resources is that the communicators are often cut from the same cloth. They are successful business leaders, well known speakers or pastors, or community leaders. We rarely hear of the leadership qualities found in the school custodian, the factory worker, the nursery volunteer at church, or the kids in our own homes. Why don’t we hear from the leaders who find themselves in section 8 housing, who just lost their home, or who are working two jobs just to make ends meet?


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