The Church I See

by Bret Nicholson

As mentioned before, I wanted to share with you the vision, the “I See,” that drives the Lead Pastor at One Life Church in Evansville, IN and Henderson, KY.

The Church I see fuels city transforming movements based on the convictions that Jesus is Lord over every aspect of human life and that darkness is overcome with light.

The Church I see is a place for those who feel far from God to search, to wonder, to ask questions and be greeted with listening ears, compassionate hearts, intelligent minds and Christ-centered answers.

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What I See…

“The church I see…” is a vision document that a local pastor in Evansville created as he was navigating the infant stages of planting a church. This simple phrase helped him hone in on what this new church would look like. It continues to be a guiding document that he returns to over and over as he seeks God’s guidance in leading the church.

I love what he does and I wonder what our families and communities would look like if we did this very thing. If we can’t see what we want our family to represent or what our community stands for, we eventually get to where we deserve to be…that is, we get to wherever our circumstances take us when we live in a vacuum devoid of dreams and vision.

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Politics & Preachers

I’ve been to every Presidential Inauguration since 1996 and plan to go again in January of 2017…albeit somewhat reluctantly. I’m not going to say that politics doesn’t matter (I majored in Political Science) but this past year has led me to believe that our priorities in the church are largely MESSED UP!

Just this evening, I observed a well-respected pastor of a very large church in Dallas, TX get so animated about the virtues of one particular candidate that he could barely breathe. I’ll let you figure out which candidate he was speaking of. Continue reading “Politics & Preachers”

Ramblings About Leadership

All the talk today seems to be about leadership. We take leadership assessments, read books about leadership, and go to leadership conferences. There are so many different resources, books, blogs, conferences that ultimately say the same things. That’s good though. I’m sure you are like me. I’ve often heard the same thing over and over but it never really ‘took’ until I heard that one person, read that one book, or attended that one conference. Continue reading “Ramblings About Leadership”

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